KortenaerkadeArchitects Entrepreneurs, that's how we describe ZZDP Architects. Joris Deur, Director of the firm since 2002, is proud of that: it determines the character of his company. Adam Smit, who joined him in 2004 and who subsequently became a member of the management board, thinks exactly the same. What joins the two directors is their qualification of their design method what they call corporate. Its essence can be determined as the professionalism to design for developers and private institutions. This field is dominated by the rules, morals and abits of the free market. Building for the market requires specific knowledge nd skills. One of these skills is the ability to identify their profession ith the world of developers, landowners, financiers and surveyors, as well as the ioneers of new, promising commercial concepts.


Throughout the existence of ZZDP, the firm also has incorporated the role of an entrepreneur. Although they don't operate as developers, Deur and Smit’s destiny goes way beyond their role as regular supplier of designs in he final stages of a process, that is going on for a long time. They prefer to be involved as soon as possible to play an active and directive role right from the beginning, ultimately ending in the design of the building. As in the public sector, it is the ambition to express common values , usually anchored in present policy roposals, to urban expansions and reconstruction projects , in the private sector, it's particularly the returns that count. Returns don't directly need to be financially motivated .


What also counts is the contribution to user satisfaction, the expected effect on their productivity and, perhaps even more important, the image of the company that occupies a building. All these elements together are part of the corporate architecture.